Last-Minute House Party? Throw a Bash in Just 24 Hours With Meatigo

  • April 17, 2024
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Hosting a last-minute house party may seem daunting, but before the stress of arranging everything dims the excitement, imagine the joy of having your home filled with loved ones, laughter, drinks, and food. Let this blog be your guide to throwing a blast in just 24 hours, the Meatigo way.


Tick a Box with Every Activity You Do in These 24 hours

Throwing a party in just 24 hours is a whirlwind but surprisingly doable. Simplify your last-minute planning by focusing on the essentials, ditching the stress, reducing your kitchen time and embracing moments of unlimited joy. Begin with everything that can be just a click away, and then take up the rest of the tasks that may require extra effort. Here’s what you can do:

  • Send Out Those Invites: In the world of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, sending invites is something that you can do in the blink of an eye. Draft a warm, personalised message, select the people you want to send it to, and voila, task done! 
  • Order Drinks: Once you are done sending the invites, check if your fridge has all the drinks you would need to cater to everyone ranging from the “I will have some fresh fruit juice” to “a glass of vodka and Sprite would do.” Stock your fridge with everything ranging from chilled sodas to bubble teas, and cater to every individual’s mood like a pro. 
  • Create a Playlist: Set the perfect mood with a playlist that features everything from trending tunes to crowd favourites. Don’t forget to pair your device with a Bluetooth speaker before the guests arrive. 
  • Clean Up Your Home: Next in line is cleaning up the space and making it ambient and cosy. Focus on the kitchen, dining area, living room, entryway, and the powder bathroom. Enhance the whole vibe with a diffuser and your favourite scent. 
  • Ensure Good Food: From invites to drinks, the click of a button makes party prep a breeze. The same can be true with food. You can elevate your gathering with delicious Gourmet treats from Meatigo, offering them a variety that’s sure to impress their taste buds and them too. With our Easy Snacks, you can stay free from the hassle of cooking a wide range of dishes from scratch while also ensuring that your guests savour the food the way they like.

Meatigo: Your One-Stop Destination for Party Snacks

Hosting a feast with a range of delicious dishes from Meatigo is a breeze. Stock up your kitchen with easy snacks that will impress everyone’s taste buds and make you the official party planner of the group. Here are a few treats to leave everyone impressed:

  • Momos: These frozen Momos are a treasured family recipe that boast of distinct, delicious flavours, leaving your guests craving for more. Made with premium ingredients and no preservatives, our Momos pass the health test in a snap. So, whether you like your Chicken Momos pan-fried or Vegetable & Paneer Momos steamed well, enjoy the taste and the quality of these Momos in every bite you savour. You can also deep-fry or air-fry these beauties too if your guests love the crunch.
  • Baos: Unique and delicious, Bao Buns are the easiest snacks to serve that will make your guests go gaga over it. You can fill up your fridge with our cloud-like buns and steam, pan-fry, or microwave them to serve it piping hot. With no preservatives and premium-quality ingredients used, these Baos would be your best bet to save the day. Depending on the count of vegetarian and non-vegetarians, you can try our different flavours.
  • Kebabs: These are hands down universally loved. Made with tender meat, fresh ingredients, and authentic recipes, these Kebabs from Meatigo are Meatiest in India. Without having to worry about anything, you can simply get them out of the fridge, toss them in a pan, and serve them with the dip of your choice. We have a variety ranging from Seekh Kebabs to Galouti Kebabs.
  • Quick Treats: Hurting up the food prep can always leave us hanging with the ambiguity of the taste. When pressed on time, having “quick treats” that make your party delightful and a gastronomic fantasy seems like a good option. Some of the many quick snacks from Meatigo that have your back are: 
  • Burger Patties: A party without burgers is like Aloo Paratha without aloo. While assembling the burger ingredients might not be a tough task, making the patties from scratch can surely be one. But with Meatigo’s Burger Patties, it becomes a breeze. Simply bring home our burger patties and either pan-fry them or cook them in the oven for fresh serving. Explore different patties for the perfectly zesty Burger and thank us later.


Easy & Tasty Prasuma Baos For Your Last Minute House Party Needs
Soft, Fluffy & Tasty Prasuma Baos For Your Last Minute House Party

Our frozen snacks are crafted with fresh, premium ingredients and undergo stringent regular quality checks. Free from preservatives or MSG along with exceptional packaging and temperature-controlled delivery, your party food is guaranteed to be a hit.
Now that everything is sorted, go glam up for the most awaited part of your planning – the party!


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